We know how to make your car sparkle!

Bring your car for maintenance with our cleaning experts and be surprised at the result every time.

Struggling with bacteria and pollen in your car?

We provide a special disinfecting service for clearing the air in your car’s cabin.

We prepare your vehicle for sales

Truly highlight your vehicle’s advantages because a clean and well groomed car guarantees a higher sales price!

Professional cabin leather maintenance for your car.

Quality maintenance products and appropriate working methods ensure a fresh look and durability for your leather surfaces.

Cabin disinfection

If you pick up a runny nose in the spring or summer without any signs of a viral infection, you might suspect pollen allergy. Protect yourself and your family members from bacteria and pollen in your car’s cabin.

We provide a special disinfection service for cabin air purification. At the end of the maintenance, a special device is installed in the vehicle to remove aspergillus, allergens and bacteria from the cabin. Disinfection of cabin air also removes unpleasant odors such as smoke, dampness, mustiness and smells caused by pets.

Disinfection destroys all bacteria and their causes even in places that are impossible to access while dry cleaning. Bacteria-free and clean results in the cabin are especially important for families that have allergic or asthmatic members. 

Tondi street is open again

We are pleased to announce that Tondi street construction works are completed and the street is open again. Tondi Käsipesula is open on Mon to Fri 8:00 to 18:00. All of you are most welcome!

Tondi street open for traffic, yet temporarily as a one-way commute

Related to reconstruction of the tram line No. 4, the area surrounding Tondi street is under road repairs as from May 12. When coming to Tondi Hand Wash, please note that traffic is temporarily reorganized in the road segment from Vineeri street to Kohila street. See the map for more detailed information. Taking ...

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