Professional cabin leather maintenance for your car.

Quality maintenance products and appropriate working methods ensure a fresh look and durability for your leather surfaces.

We know how to make your car sparkle!

Bring your car for maintenance with our cleaning experts and be surprised at the result every time.

Struggling with bacteria and pollen in your car?

We provide a special disinfecting service for clearing the air in your car’s cabin.

We prepare your vehicle for sales

Truly highlight your vehicle’s advantages because a clean and well groomed car guarantees a higher sales price!

Detailed maintenance cleaning

As car owners, we know how important it is to have your car maintained on a regular basis. One the one hand, maintenance is required to ensure the car’s technical upkeep, yet on the other hand, also because it will later be easier to sell a car that has undergone maintenance as requisite. Still, regular maintenance is not the only factor that may affect the market value of a car being sold. Next to a number of other sales factors, the quality and interval of maintenance washes performed on the car are becoming increasingly more important. Maintenance wash or detailing refers to detailed cleaning of an entire vehicle whereas the implementer of the work uses technology specifically designed for the cleaning and maintenance of various materials and surfaces. Detailing is a thorough hand wash, comparable to human hygiene. A quick shower or rinse does not compare to a proper sauna or bath that profoundly cleans your body. Much like a person’s health is affected by personal hygiene, car hygiene affects a vehicle’s lifespan and value. 

Detailing consists of three major stages: cleaning, polishing and waxing. Tens of interim stages may be inserted between the major stages – the necessity of such stages is assessed and decided by our expert and approved by the customer. Thorough cleaning of the car from top to bottom takes two working days and even longer in case of damaged or very dirty surfaces. However, not all intensive maintenance services have to be performed every time and all at once. Maintenance product manufacturers provide a six month, some even a one year warranty to textile and plastic surfaces that have been processed with protective maintenance substances. Long-term warranties are also applicable to painted surfaces, wooden edging, carbon fiber surfaces and leather surfaces if such surfaces have been maintained with applying appropriate methods and instruments. Equipment used in detailing ensures cleaning quality that is highly superior to that of regular washing by brush or hand, let alone results gained by using domestic means. 

Following completion of each relevant work, a detailing expert makes an entry in the maintenance journal concerning the performed work and, based on the car’s condition, provides an evaluation and recommendation as to which services could and should be performed on the car in the future and after which intervals such work should be done. All maintenance cleaning work related to a car is registered in an electronic maintenance register which can be printed for the purposes of selling the car and demonstrated to a potential buyer as required. 

Tondi street is open again

We are pleased to announce that Tondi street construction works are completed and the street is open again. Tondi Käsipesula is open on Mon to Fri 8:00 to 18:00. All of you are most welcome!

Tondi street open for traffic, yet temporarily as a one-way commute

Related to reconstruction of the tram line No. 4, the area surrounding Tondi street is under road repairs as from May 12. When coming to Tondi Hand Wash, please note that traffic is temporarily reorganized in the road segment from Vineeri street to Kohila street. See the map for more detailed information. Taking ...

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